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Mike Helbing of Metrotrails.org

Mike Helbing and his team of passionate hikers lead Metrotrails, an organization that assists in the planning, development, maintenance, and promotion of trail systems in the NY/NJ/Philly metro areas.

If you’ve been looking to get your legs in shape after a long and snowy winter…. If you’re looking to wake up muscles in those legs that pedaling just doesn’t reach… Or if you’d just like to learn a lot more about history and environment of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania… Then you need to discover the Metrotrails hiking group at Metrotrails.org.

Metrotrails has grown out of a hiking group formed in 1997 by Michael Helbing. Michael, a life-long hiker, had the vision of forming a group that could assist in the planning, development, maintenance, and promotion of trail systems in the New York/Philadelphia metropolitan area, as well as education and preservation of natural and historic aspects of their routes.

Metrotrails, through its core website, its Meetup.com site, and its Facebook page, runs dozens of hikes each year.  And they don’t stop for cold weather and snow. With Metrotrails, you’ll have a chance to hit the trails throughout the year.

This weekend, I joined Mike and BWA’s longtime friend and rider Dr. Jenn Redmond for a five-mile hike through Washington Valley Park. Mike and Jenn put together a three-hour tour of some of Central New Jersey’s most beautiful preserved natural space. We got history, geology, and holistic health… all jam packed into an energetic outing that definitely kept us warm despite the 15-degree temps.

The big aha for me? My calves and ankles are obviously underworked when biking is my only regular athletic activity. The first mile of Saturday’s hike had my ankles burning bigtime. Lucky for me, I brought plenty of water and there were lots of chances to rest and recover.

Metrotrails.orgMy recommendation… if you like to bike, look for opportunities to round out your workout… check out the fantastic work that Mike and his team are doing with Metrotrails.org and find a chance to join him on a hike, somewhere in the NJ/NY/PA metro area.


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